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Physio Tas Design


We are passionate about designing commercial projects that catch the eye of the public but are also practical for its intended use. Whether it's a completely new space built from the ground up, or an extension/renovation on your current building, we are dedicated to creating exciting & inspiring spaces for you to work in and the building users to experience.

From our experience in commercial projects, we understand that these projects run to a tight schedule and require clear communication. Our project management skills ensure that the job is well organised and there is clear communication between the client and everyone involved so that we can get the best result for the client & have the project finished on time.

Our work relies on a close relationship with each of our clients to ensure we can fully understand your business, the building's purpose, and your brand so that they can seamlessly work together to convey an indistinguishable image and feel throughout each space.


Get in touch with us to see how Lachlan Walsh Designs can assist you with design concepts that compliment your building and brand.  


Your home is a space where you will spend majority of your time, which is why we're passionate about helping our clients design a space you enjoy spending time in, that's practical to your lifestyle, comfortable to live in and fits within your budget.

Whether it's a new build, extension, or renovation, we work closely with our clients to evolve on their initial ideas to create something they love spending time in. Our residential design projects are all about drawing on the surrounding landscape, taking advantage of natural light to create sun-filled spaces, prioritising functionality, ensuring comfortability, and creating a space that you're proud of.


From concept right through to completion, we work closely with our clients and evolve our designs throughout the entire construction process. We understand the importance of clear communication when it comes to bringing your dream home to life, which is why we not only work closely with our clients but everyone who is involved with the build to ensure that no small detail or concept it missed.


Our close relationship with industry leaders means we have experience working with these expert teams and have a system to ensure we can work together to deliver the finest final product for you. 

Our greatest satisfaction is knowing our clients love the space we design for them and enjoy the entire process from start to finish.

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Project Admin

A successful project relies on a team of experts who are experienced in the industry, have seamless systems, can clearly communicate and know what needs to be done from start to finish in order to complete the project on time.


Our project admin services take away all the stress and worry that clients can often experience in a build. This may be the first time you're building or renovating and this industry is new to you. You're unsure of what you should expect, when certain deadlines should be met, and everything you need to tick off to get your project finished.

From designing your proposed development, completing drawings, organising sub-consultancy, submitting documents for permits & plans, interior design, organising builders quotes, and ensuring the project runs smoothly from start to finish, working with our project admin team means you only need to communicate with one person and they ensure everything you want and need for your space is delivered on time and to your expectation, with no important detail missed or forgotten.

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